Renaissance Youth Council/Connect

Join us for the 2019 Youth Connect: Journey 2 Unity Tour on Thursdays throughout the summer! Youth Connect is a free event in each borough that links youth with positive activities, engaged peers and community leaders.

Don’t miss out! There will be music, dance, and dynamic speakers all to inspire young people to #GETCONNECTED. We will also be honoring one young person in each borough with the Renaissance Youth Connect Leadership award! (See below for more info.)

As of July 1st, the Staten Island Youth Connect event location has changed. Our new location will be Corporal Thompson Park, 166 Broadway, 1347, Staten Island, NY 10310. The event date and time are the same.

For questions or to partner, email or call (718) 450-3466.

At all five Youth Connect events, we will honor one youth leader doing work or participating in a program in their community. Programs include but aren’t limited to volunteering, sports teams, place of worship, after-school activities/programs, etc. Winners will each receive a trophy, a laptop, Apple AirPods, and a $150 gift certificate!

Applicants must complete the Google Form, and either write a couple short paragraphs about their work/participation in a program, or submit a 1-2 minute video explaining their work to

Renaissance Youth Council: Youth in Power
Empowering civic-minded young people to pursue and achieve change in their community.

Our Youth Council responds to the desire of young people in the Bronx and beyond to confront issues in their community they are passionate about and affect change, while staying within the broader scope of the Renaissance mission: empowering youth to fully maximize their potential as productive and responsible members of society.


Strengthen the voice of young people in our community, increasing their ability to join the conversation in an impactful way in pursuit of outcomes that favorably impact quality of life for their peer group.

Provide invaluable exposure to local and city politics and unique opportunities to engage with government, NYPD and community leaders and key stakeholders.

Break cycles of power remaining in the same hands and end feelings of an inability to make a difference.

Develop lifelong community organizing skills including leadership, research, networking and public speaking.

Councilmember Responsibility

Make a commitment to be present at all Council meetings barring school or health conflicts and to dedicate additional free-time in pursuit of Council objectives.

Demonstrate accountability for your responsibilities and roles in projects where your councilmembers are relying on your contributions.

Attend and participate in community board and precinct meetings as relevant to Council initiatives.

Represent the Council and your peers with integrity, professionalism and pridefulness on and off-duty.